To help your employees build a secure retirement, Northern Trust has re-engineered the target date fund to prepare them to live well, for life.


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Take the guesswork out of investing.

Learn how Life Engineered can take the guesswork out of investing to help your employees build better retirement outcomes.

Not All Target Date Funds Are Created Equal

Sabrina Bailey
Head of DC Solutions

Sabrina Bailey
Head of DC Solutions

We've re-engineered the target date fund — to help your employees live well, for life.

More than70%of
participants turn to their employers for retirement advice and guidance.

How can you help your employees

Source: The Path Forward: DC Participants Want More, 2015, Northern Trust Asset Management.

Employees are looking for guidance — find out what else they want.

Taking the right risk at the right time

The funds invest in three distinct strategies — growth, inflation sensitive and income — three key objectives employees need to balance during each phase of life. To take the right risk at the right time.

Blending the best of active and passive management

Typical funds simply try to meet, or beat, a benchmark — measures we believe are irrelevant to participants’ true objectives of generating lifetime income.

That’s why we pioneered Engineered Equity.

Engineered Equity is Northern Trust’s proven, factor-based equity strategy that blends the best of active and passive management.

Our innovative approach to factor-based investing

Academic studies, including our own, have identified factors in the equity markets that have been proven to outperform over time. Strategically combining exposures to a subset of these factors provides Life Engineered portfolios the right volatility at the right time over a certain time horizon. The result is enhanced efficiency, controlled risk, persistent return and better investor outcomes.

Equity Factors

Protecting against inflation

Life Engineered incorporates a trio of real assets to help protect against one of the most pernicious threats to long-term investment goals — inflation.

Actively focused on income

We are pleased to bring participants the power of active management in fixed income investing. Life Engineered employs the active management of PIMCO, a highly recognized and respected market leader, to power the income and inflation-sensitive fund assets.

Taking the guesswork out of investing

Our adaptive and forward-looking glidepath was developed with participants’ investment and behavioral needs in mind. The result is a portfolio that’s sustainable throughout your employees’ careers, as well as their retirement.1


1Over time, the asset allocation becomes more conservative as a fund approaches its target date. Approximately ten years after a fund reaches its target date, it will merge into the Income Fund.

The examples anticipate a retirement age of 65.

Northern Trust Asset Management


At Northern Trust, we provide expertise that matters. We have a relentless drive to set new standards and deliver more. Life Engineered is just one of many solutions we have crafted to meet the changing needs of our clients and our world.

5th Largest

*As of 12/31/2016. Total AUM data as of 12/31/2016 was $942.5 billion, which included AUM managed by Northern Trust Corporation and Northern Trust Asset Management.

Ranking based on total worldwide assets under management. Source: Pensions & Investments 2015 Special Report on Money Managers appeared in the publication’s May 18, 2015, issue and is available online at Rankings based on total worldwide assets under management of $934.1 billion as of December 31, 2014. Ranking information reprinted with permission, Pensions & Investments, © Crain Communications, Inc.

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